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 Claire is working on two stories that will captivate the reader.

The Baseball Bride

Everyone in the town of Brightfield knows the Mason family is crazy about baseball.  Simon Mason leveled an acre of farmland to build a baseball diamond and teach his children how to play.  Now John, George, and Andrew play with the Bobcats, Brightfield’s team for Town League Baseball.  The best player of the family, Abigail, hides her athletic ability because no one would want to court a tomboy.  It’s 1910, and young women have few choices.

The Freedom River

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Based on true events that happened in and around Ripley, Ohio in 1838, The Freedom River centers on several characters.  Constance Drake is a twenty-year-old citizen of Ohio who longs to become more involved in the abolitionist movement.  Samuel Lynton is a student at Ripley College who plans to become a clergyman.  Opal is a slave from Kentucky who crosses the Ohio River seeking help from Reverend John Rankin and Reverend John Mahan.  She resettles in the Gist Settlement, a town of free blacks in southern Ohio.

You’ll love this story of courage, determination, and faith.